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Holy Rollers Bocce Team (CUA Graduate Students)

ROLL-A-TINIS Bocce Team (NRH Research)

Skelly Our Mascot

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Holy Rollers Bocce Team

The Holy Roller team has announced its retirement from the bocce league. The team retires as Fall and Spring 2009 Season Champions. The trophies adorn the lovely display outside the graduate student office. 







Though the Holy Rollers are stepping aside, the research division still remains strong in the NRH bocce league. The ROLL-A-TINIS were the Fall 2007 and Fall 2008 Champions and have now reclaimed glory for Fall 2010.


 To follow the current status of the season please visit the nrhbocce site.




Skelly Our Mascot

Skelly is the miniature skeleton that resides in the display window outside the CABRR graduate student office. Skelly is showing his team spirit with posh outfits designed by the students. 



 Skelly for Christmas                        Skelly decked out for Saint Patrick's Day complete with Gaelic message, which is often translated as "may the road rise to meet you"




Skelly in his summer attire                                                                           Skelly the patriot


Skelly Heads Back to School                     Skelly the Snow Man

Sadly the picture of Skelly for Valentine's Day has been misplaced. Future plans involve a Pirate outfit. Many thanks to Theresa for updating Skelly's outfit on her visit.





  A Little More Fun

Winter 2011: Theresa, Beth, and Sasha outside the graduate student office


Summer 2010: Theresa, Beth, Sasha, Danika, and Tony in the graduate student office


A Comic We Like


 A wonderful comic by Jorge Cham, author of phdcomics, for Willow Garage.